photos for the rad lovers

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photos for wanderlust lovers

I absolutely love making you feel amazing about yourself. From the moment you shoot an inquiry to me to the very last minute of our session together. I am definitely not just about the photos I take but the experience you receive from me. Getting your photos taken should be FUN, not daunting. 

Hey Vintage Bound Fam! I'm Jo. The one who will have music jammin' while I'm saying "Oh my gosh, yasssss!"

Why hello there

Treat me to sushi + wine. Jusssttt kidding (Although I also won't say no!) In all seriousness, I am an extremely laid back lady. I truly believe that energy is real and what we put out into the world we receive. If you're chill, want to just have some fun while we snap some candid photos, I am the woman for you!

If you want to go on an adventure!! My dream is to be a destination wedding & elopement photographer. I'll go anywhere and everywhere with you- Think Mountains, beach, desert, national parks, ICE! Oh my word I could go on and on!

Want to be friends! First and for most I am here to make this a great experience for you. I find it when you build a relationship with your clients it makes the process not only easier, but less stressful and fun! so lets be FRIENDS!!!


You're my people if