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Creating memories that feel like;

I recently saw a Tik Tok that said if you divide up how much your photographer costs from now until the rest of your life it’s free. *GIRL MATH* and I am here for that. LOL in all seriousness, getting your photographs taken IS an investment. I always tell my clients these photos aren’t for you now, they are for you 20 years from now. For you to look back on, to remember the moments. From when you say I do, to holding tiny new hands and feet, to looking back on your body with kinder eyes. I am honored to be that person to document it all for you.

I will always make sure I am the right fit for you first. I am a documenting, story-telling, artsy and full of humor kind of photographer. I am as laid back as they come and I love making magic and ART. This is my art. You are my muse. I don’t change the way you look, I don’t photoshop in anything to change the scenery your in, I create gorgeous photos from exactly the story I see. If this sounds like you and what you’re vibe is- Let’s freaking GO my friend! 

Wow.. that's so us..

“Where do I even start. Jo is my go to photographer for everything. She has captured the best moments of my life and the pictures always turn out absolutely beautiful. I always know that if I’m hiring her for photos I have nothing to worry about. She also amps you up the whole time making the photos so easy to take rather than feeling awkward in front of a camera. If you need a photographer just hire Jo!!! You won’t regret it”

- Tara Downey

"Jo made us feel so comfortable, we will forever recommend"

What is eloping and why should you consider it for your big day?

Eloping entails planning a small wedding day that's entirely and only about you two. From where you go, to planning the activities around your day to make sure it encapsulates your relationship. My style of photography is storytelling. Creating magic in the in-between moments that your emotions have gotten caught up in, that you can barely remember what even happened. Eloping is more intimate and solely based on what matters to you and no one else as a couple.


For starters it's way more intentional -


Investments I offer:

Check out the investments I offer below and their starting prices. Once you know which session type you need me to document make sure you fill out my contact form and let me know all the details. Once you do I will send over a more in depth pricing guide.

Elopements + Intimate Weddings

Boudoir sessions

Lifestyle Sessions

Starting at $2,600

Starting at $700

Starting at $550

Where are you located and do you travel?

We are located in Metro Detroit, Michigan but we will travel anywhere and everywhere!

Can you help me with locations for my elopement?

I can definitely help! I will send over a questionnaire after you have signed your contract & paid your retainer to seal the deal on booking us to help really get down to the nitty gritty of planning your perfect day. I am here for you every step of the way! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! For sessions I require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee and then will break up the payment however you need to up to one week prior to your session. For elopements & intimate Weddings I require a 30% non-refundable retainer and break up your payments up until one month prior to your date. If you are needing something more specific, I am always open to work with what you need.

What should we wear for our photos?

As soon as you are booked I will send you over a style guide to help you pick out what to wear! I am always an email away too to help if you need more specifics. 

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What happens after we book with you?

After you sign your contract and pay your non-refundable retainer to secure your date, you are officially booked! I will then send over a questionnaire to get to know you better in order to serve you best. Getting to know who you are as a couple, family or person helps me direct you better in person and also makes sure that your session feels like you and not fake. Yes, I will always help with the aesthetics, however if you do a session that is so far out of your box and comfort zone, you may not like the end result. This will guarantee you to absolutely LOVE them! 

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